Administration and support staff

Nurse with administratorWe have a very wide range of administrative and support staff roles ranging from PAs and secretaries to clinical support roles.

Our non-clinical support workers are often based in an office environment and need excellent organisational and time management skills. Taking minutes, circulating information, sending letters and organising appointments are among the duties you might be asked to perform. Specific types of administrative roles include medical secretaries, who may run a consultant’s office. They will develop familiarity with medical terminology and handle confidential patient information. There are also ward clerks who might help to admit and discharge patients as well as general data entry and handling patient notes.

Clinical support workers usually work with other health professionals such as nurses, healthcare scientists and physiotherapists. Sometimes they work independently, depending on the role. You will help to diagnose, treat and care for patients. Some will have direct patient contact and others will be based in behind-the-scenes locations such as laboratories.

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