Staff profiles in cardiac physiology

Cardiology scanHealthcare science assistants

This team provides an ECG and ambulatory monitoring service across the hospital site. They also help to train other staff.

Healthcare science associates

In addition to a healthcare science assistant, this role involves performing other diagnostic tests within the department.

Cardiac physiologists

The newly qualified cardiac physiologist performs a wide range of tests within the department, gradually accepting more responsibility as their confidence grows. They work in all areas of the department and may work independently with remote supervision.

Specialist cardiac physiologists

Specialist staff work across the spectrum of cardiac investigations, gaining experience and supporting the work of the whole department. At this level, practitioners are fully qualified. They may work independently and take responsibility for running a clinic. 

Highly specialist cardiac physiologists

Staff in these roles have achieved a high level of technical expertise in an area and mainly concentrate on performing and reporting procedures in that area. They may sub-specialise to support service levels and service development. For example, they may sub-specialise in congenital work.  

Specialist technical heads/clinical specialists

These roles cover a wide range of techniques and management responsibilities. Although specialists in one area of work, they cover other techniques as required by the service. Their specialist role may include advising medical staff on the technical aspects of cardiology - for example the specifics of pacemaker programming or the results of complex ultrasound scans.