Medical physics

The department of medical physics consists of about 100 staff from a variety of professional disciplines comprising clinical scientists, clinical technologists, radiographers, medical, administration and clerical staff.

The main clinical services provided by members of the department include:

  • identification of deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • tissue viability measurements (TcPO2 and laser doppler flowmetry)
  • prevention and management of pressure ulcers and complex wounds
  • transcranial doppler ultrasound
  • non-invasive intracranial pressure measurement (TMD)
  • hearing and balance assessment (TMD)
  • light sensitivity testing (service being developed in conjunction with dermatology)
  • functional MRI
  • radiotherapy physics services (including mould room).

The department is also actively involved with research and development in a number of areas and runs pre-registration training schemes both for medical physics and for other health professions.

Training team

Clinical scientist training coordinator - Contact 023 8120 4220

Clinical technologist training coordinator - Contact 023 8082 5330

Medical Physics - Solder:Medical Physics - Solder

Staff profile

  • Clinical scientists in medical physics
    There are around 25 clinical scientists working in the department of medical physics.

    Medical physicists carry out a wide variety of roles which may be routine or of a research and development nature. Many are concerned with the application of science in the areas of nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, radiology and various aspects of physiological monitoring and investigation.
  • Clinical technologists in medical physics
    There are around 50 clinical technologists working across the Trust in the department of medical physics.

    Clinical technologists, formerly known as medical technical officers (MTO), carry out a broad range of functions and are an essential part of sustaining clinical services.

    While some are responsible for maintaining and servicing complex, specialised equipment used to diagnose and treat patients, others undertake clinical measurements or work with ionising radiation.


There are currently seven trainees in the department working towards registering as a clinical scientist or clinical technologist.

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