Medical physics and clinical engineering learning opportunities

Medical Physics - Radioactive:Medical Physics - Radioactive

Pre-registration Clinical Scientist Training

Medical Physicists and Clinical Engineers, along with a number of other professions, are collectively known as Clinical Scientists. Currently Southampton takes on one pre-registration trainee in Medical Physics or Clinical Engineering per year starting in October. All our pre-registration trainees follow a structured training programme to develop a level of competence appropriate to registering as a Clinical Scientist.

Training is divided into two parts each of two years duration. Part 1 training comprises an accredited MSc during the first year followed by Hospital experience in three separate specialist areas during the second. The programme is accredited by the Institute of Physics in Engineering in Medicine. Part 2 training, which is entirely Hospital based enables the trainee to develop specialist knowledge and experience in one particular area of Medical Physics or Clinical Engineering.

On completion of the four year programme, competence is assessed by examiners representing the Association of Clinical Scientists . Successful completion entitles the trainee to register as a Clinical Scientist with the Health Professions Council.

Clinical Technologists Training

Technicians in the fields of Medical Physics, Clinical Engineering and other healthcare Science professions are collectively known as Clinical Technologists. There is no state register for Clinical Technologists in Medical Physics/Clinical Engineering at present although it is anticipated that there will be in 2006.

The Institute of Physics in Engineering and Medicine in combination with the Association of Renal Technologists and the Institution of Incorporated Engineers run a voluntary register. Clinical Technologists entering the profession work towards a level of competence leading to eligibility to join the Voluntary register.