Clinical pharmacy

Clinical pharmacy is a large department supporting a number of specialist areas. There are 45 pharmacists including two consultants, a medication safety nurse and 15 Patients' Own Drug technicians. This gives us a wide range of expertise. The team develops pharmaceutical services to our five main divisions and we have specialist leads for every area of the Trust.

Many of our pharmacists are independent prescribers and we are supporting our staff to develop this qualification, because we feel this will be integral to the future success of our service. Pharmacists visit almost every ward in the hospital, attend ward rounds and lead a specialist e-referral system to microbiology for patients they feel need review.

Many of our specialists are directly involved in supporting national networks like the Paediatric and Neonatal Pharmacists Group, The United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association and British Oncology Pharmacists Association.  However, we actively encourage all grades of staff to get involved, to attend conferences and publish work.

Patients' Own Drugs (POD)

A Patients' Own Drugs scheme was established in 1997 to encourage the use of drugs brought into hospital in order to improve the provision of pharmaceutical care and reduce drug waste. The scheme is operational across six care groups on a total of 34 wards. As a service, it continues to evolve.