Patient pharmacy services

Patient Services is a dispensary service. Our aim is to deliver an accurate, efficient, high quality service, ensuring that all patients receive their medicines in a timely and safe manner. Technician managers run each dispensary and we have a large number of accredited checking technicians (ACTs).

We have three main dispensaries:

  • Southampton General Hospital is an acute hospital and the main - and largest – dispensary, dispensing, on average, 925 items a day. We have a robot which issues many of the drugs plus a tracker system which allows us to follow where items are and how long we’ve had them.
  • Royal South Hants Hospital is a dispensary and logistics site. It supplies a Mental Health Trust, a PCT and Outpatient clinic for the acute Trust.
  • Lymington is a dispensary and logistics site, supplying the PCT hospital with all aspects of pharmacy, including ward pharmacy and medicines management technician.