Pharmacy clinical trials

One of the Trust’s objectives is to become one of the top ten clinical research NHS organisations in the UK. The Pharmacy department is an integral part of the research process. The Clinical Trial team supports around 250 active studies at any one time. The team consists of dedicated trained staff with clinical trial experience and Good Clinical Practice training.

The team is led by a Senior Pharmacy manager with three specialised technicians supporting oncology, technical services and dispensary type studies. The Trust is very lucky to house a Welcome Trust Clinical Research Facility on site. Visit University of Southampton School of Medicine to find out more about our facility.

Research and development

Linking in with clinical trials is the ethos that all practice should be based on robust evidence. The pharmaceutical profession has traditionally had limited output from practice based research.

The development of a collaborative Academic Practice Unit with Portsmouth University’s School of Pharmacy has widely been accepted within the Trust. We are actively seeking a Director position to lead on successful bids and grant application for research funding.

The Trust has recently had a successful application to become a host for two Biomedical Research Units on site - respiratory and nutrition. Over the next five years we plan to become a Biomedical Research Centre. This will give the department great opportunity for collaborative research with other professions.