Regional medicines information

The Wessex Drug and Medicines Information Centre is a team of 15 pharmacists based in the Regional Medicines Information Centre at Southampton General Hospital. We provide services to primary and secondary care across seven counties, and to various national organisations, including the National Prescribing Centre and NHS Direct.

Our clinical enquiry service is one of the busiest in the NHS, with over 95% of enquiries concerned with individual patient care. Our aim is to practice medicines information (MI) as it should be – as a clinical specialty: we advise, we counsel, we interpret, and we make decisions.

We train many NHS staff, both within the Trust and within the Wessex area, and produce national training resources that are used by all hospital pharmacists in the UK. We are also the lead for research within the UKMI network. We support major medicines management initiatives within our host Trust as well as the wider NHS through the evaluation of medicines, and the production of e-learning packages.

We understand the importance of professional development so we have an internal rotation to ensure our staff gain experience and training in clinical governance, teaching and research, and critical evaluationproject work. Our pre-reg training was praised as ‘gold standard’ in an independent regional report. Our Band 6 and 7 pharmacists also have a ward-based clinical role that rotates through different clinical specialities.

Awards, press releases and publications

  • UKMi Training Workbook (also used in other countries such as Iceland, Germany, Turkey, Australia).
  • Three or four posters presented yearly at UKMi National Training Seminar.
  • Drugs of Abuse - Book written by S Wills (head of MI).
  • On the Horizon reviews and blogs about New Drugs - national work written in collaboration with the NPC.
  • UKMi New Medicine Profiles.
  • e-learning package for South Central SHA.
  • Medicines Q&As for NHS and NHSD.
  • National health awareness bulletins (Thinking Ahead).