Pulmonary Function

The Pulmonary Function Laboratory here in Southampton has a skilled body of professional staff that play an important role in team approach to patient care and investigation in all fields of medicine and surgery. It provides a wide range of diagnostic tests and also helps to educate patients with breathing problems. Patients are referred for different types of assessment, Diagnosis, objective assessment of deranged function, pre-operative assessment, management of respiratory failure, assessment of ventilatory function in extrapulmonary diseases. The tests can determine the cause of shortness of breath, and help to confirm lung diseases such as asthma, bronchitis or emphysema. At present the department carries out between 3000-4000 measurements per year both from out patient’s clinics and in-patient referrals. This service has become increasingly more demanding as more consultants from different specialities utilize the service.  

We offer a wide variety of services these include:

  • Spirometry/Reversibilty
  • Lung volume via gas dilution technique and whole body plethysmograph
  • Diffusion capacity/Transfer factor
  • Respiratory muscle strength measurement (Mouth pressure, Sniff
  • Cardio pulmonary exercise testing
  • Bronchial challenge
  • Impulse oscillatory
  • Six minute walking test
  • Nitrogen oxide measurement
  • Private patient’s referrals from Consultants. 

We are continually exploring new techniques so that we can offer an even wide range of tests

Southampton has a world wide reputation for its Asthma and allergy service both in clinical and research fields. Now with more respiratory disease being brought to the forefront, we are gaining an international recognition in these areas. Along with Consultants, Physicians, nurses, and technical staff we can increase its profile by having a first class facility that reflects its importance in pushing back the frontiers to a better service. We have the opportunity to work with our university colleagues on clinical trials, both basic science and commercial studies thereby enhancing the pulmonary function laboratory.