Video transcript: Working in Specialist Services

This is a transcript of the working in our specialist services division video.

Southampton General Hospital: Our specialist services division

“Everyone’s so approachable at Southampton from consultants down to the very junior members of staff.”

“We’ve got a really good mix of people and we all work really well together.”

“Great place to work, it’s a great team. Very dynamic.”

Southampton General Hospital is one of the largest and business medical centres in England. It has developed over the years into a centre of excellence, with a national and international reputation.

This has been built on the dedication and expertise of the hospitals’ staff who are at the forefront of the drive to advance medicine and improve treatment outcomes for patients.

Our Specialist Services division, which is made up of Neurosciences, Cardiovascular and Thoracic, and Critical Care, is currently recruiting for a variety of positions.

“The division values its staff and its staff are really important. We manage to install a culture where patient outcome, patient safety, patient experience are paramount. All of our staff have appraisals and their own personal development plans, and those are individualised and we look at their experiences and we identify what they would like to achieve and we put in a personalised plan for them to develop their skills. It's also not just about clinical experience. They can also go into non-clinical aspects as we have fantastic research and professional development. We are linked into the university.”

Neurosciences Care Group

Neurosciences provides a dedicated neurosurgical and neurological assessment, investigation and treatment service for the whole Wessex region. We look after patients with a variety of conditions from epilepsy to brain tumours, and are at the cutting edge of research and development, using innovative techniques such as awake brain surgery.

“Neurosciences I would say is very interesting because you get to see a wide variety of different conditions that have all got very specific symptoms such as seizures in epilepsy”.

“I actually trained at Guys’ Hospital in London and I chose Southampton because it had a very good academic scheme. As part of my foundation year 2 I also get to do some research.”

“Its a really good team of people to work with. They are very supportive and its really a very interesting place to work as well.”

“Well, the hospital paid for all my training. They gave me the opportunity to go up to London and study for my BSC in Clinical Physiology, and they made it possible for me.”

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Care Group

The Cardiovascular and Thoracic care group offers a range of services, including cardiac surgery, advanced diagnosis and care of children and adults with congenital heart disorders. It is one of the largest and most reputable cardiac centres in the UK and our staff are involved in pioneering research and development of treatments and surgical procedures.

“Its a very big hospital so you've got so much variety. You can see all different patients in all different areas. You're not pigeon-holed and boxed into one area. You’ve got a lot of people working here, all types of people from everywhere, so you get a lot of support in many different ways, whether its academic or just your work-to-work life. Its brilliant really. “

“My unit developed me into what I am now. I started as just newly qualified from the Phillipines and then obviously I got a lot of study days. And I went to seminars to make sure I developed the knowledge I already know. And at the moment it’s more on the management as well.”

“We all get on really well. We all go out together a lot, and we have a lot of fun.”

Critical Care Care Group

Critical Care provides support for seriously ill patients with a number of specialist intensive care wards. It also provides trust-wide services such as anaesthetics, resuscitation and the acute pain team.

“You learn an incredible amount about patients’ conditions, different ailments, and how to treat and approach the problem from a systematic point of view. If someone becomes unwell there's a system to deal with it calmly, rationally. These are skills you can take anywhere. “

“Southampton provides these opportunities for me because its the largest tertiary referral centre in the area so you are exposed to lots of specialist areas that would not be available in other hospitals. It’s also a university affiliated hospital so there is a huge opportunity available to be involved in teaching.”

“Even though its a big dynamic area there is a lot of teamwork which goes on. We are a really happy friendly team, work in a very busy environment, work hard and play hard and get on really well. Even though its a big team people don't get lost in that team and they feel they are part of something really special.”

“I couldn't ask for a better group of colleagues really, and I think one of the beauties of this department I work in is the large nature of it. We have about 60 consultants. Within that there is so much expertise and experience.”

Living in Southampton

“The shopping is amazing. And its just a really nice place. You are close to the sea. It's so close to London and it's easy to get everywhere.”

“It's one of the most brilliant areas to live in in the country. You’re very close to the coast, so you can do lots of sailing and surfing.”

“It's developed a lot in the last 10 years since I've been around here. It's got some amazing areas, like the New Forest. You've got Hythe, you've got Romsey, really beautiful and picturesque places.

“I love living on the South Coast. Because of the water there's lots of opportunities for sailing, windsurfing. It's also a really good spot because you can get to lots of places from here. The motorway links are very good.”

“We are on the South Coast so you've got perfect weather for a start. You are never going to have those horrible snowy winters.”

"With the new forest right on your doorstep, you've got the best of both worlds. You've got a city with amazing nightlife and bars, good shopping in West Quay – you've got everything.”

We are recruiting for a number of roles including:

  • Registered nurses
  • Return to practice nurses
  • Health care assistants
  • Theatre Staff
  • Cardiac specialists
  • Physiologists
  • Clinical neurophysiologists

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