Palliative care - working for us

Are you interested in joining us? Palliative care:

  • is about looking after people as a whole, their families and carers
  • is about listening to patients and working with them as partners
  • is about being imaginative, creative and flexible
  • is about valuing colleagues and working in interprofessional teams
  • is about looking at what you do and finding ways of doing it better
  • is about having a sense of proportion
  • is about realism and knowing oneself
  • is a rewarding and fulfilling career

If you are a doctor, nurse, nursing auxiliary, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social worker, volunteer, secretary or housekeeper and want a fulfilling job - there is no better place to come than to Countess Mountbatten House.

Contact us:
Countess Mountbatten House
Moorgreen Hospital
Botley Road
West End
Southampton SO30 3JB
Telephone:(023) 8047 7414
Fax:(023) 8047 3501