Voluntary work at the Trust is valued, varied and interesting. Our volunteers can help with a wide range of tasks including:

A rewarding investment

In return for your time, you can expect plenty back. Our volunteers tell us they do it to make a difference, meet people, make friends, give something back, learn new skills, try out a possible change in direction. Students often volunteer to gain experience for their chosen course or career, and many need proof of volunteering for an organisation for their UCAS university applications.

What we ask of you

To become a volunteer we ask that you:

  • comply with policies and practices governing University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
  • commit to a minimum of three hours per week over a six month period
  • complement the work of our staff, not replace them.

Who can volunteer?

Qualifications, experience, age or background rarely matter. What our volunteers do have in common is commitment, reliability, a liking for people, a sense of humour and a cheerful disposition.

You'll need to apply to become a volunteer. You will have an informal interview to see how we can match your wishes to our needs. You will also need to to be able to satisfy our volunteer recruitment checks, which include a health check and criminal records check (depending on your chosen role). More information can be obtained at our volunteer recruitment events.


You can view all of our current vacancies and apply online.

Please note that our need for volunteers throughout the Trust changes frequently, and we highlight vacancies on a monthly basis to reflect this. If you don't initially find a role that interests you, please come back and have another look at a later date. We ask that you only apply for roles that you're really motivated to do. Due to their popularity, certain roles such as ‘Time 4 You’ (our befriending service) may be very restricted in advert frequency, so we would suggest that you check the website regularly.

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