Hampshire and Isle of Wight Saliva Testing Programme

Funded by the UK government and led by University Hospital Southampton (UHS), the programme uses simple, non-invasive saliva tests. Tests are processed at a purpose-built facility in Southampton, with results delivered to participants within 24-48 hours. Following a successful pilot, this programme is now delivering weekly testing in educational, health care and other settings across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Saliva collection kit

University Hospital Southampton (UHS) is the manufacturer of a saliva collection kit. At this time, the kit is exclusively being issued by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight COVID-19 Saliva Testing Programme. Testing saliva samples can help to break chains of transmission by identifying people who have the virus but do not have any symptoms.

If you are issued a saliva collection kit and notice anything is damaged, broken, missing or difficult to use, do not use it.

If you wish to provide feedback on the saliva collection kit, please contact our customer services team at Southampton City Council on freephone 0808 1962 282. It is also possible to contact the team via live web chat. Ensure the relevant ad blocker settings are enabled on your device to access the web chat pop up.

For further information about the testing programme, the saliva collection kit, how to provide your sample or translated versions of the instructions for use, please visit www.hiowsalivatest.nhs.uk