March and April 2018

The trust recorded a total of 302 items of media coverage during March and April which reached a combined audience of 26.43 million people.

Here are some of the highlights of the two months:

  • Channel 4 broadcast its two-part medical ethics documentary series My Baby’s Life: Who Decides? which was filmed on the paediatric intensive care unit at Southampton Children’s Hospital. Both episodes are available to watch on All 4.
  • The programme was promoted and reviewed on a number of local, regional and national radio stations across the UK and was the subject of the BBC’s debate programme Big Questions, which saw UHS clinical ethics committee member Dr Peta Coulson-Smith participate as a guest.
  • March saw a number of national articles – The Sunday Times, The Sun, The Sun (Dr Peter Wilson), the Daily Mirror, the Daily Mail – promoting the documentary and it was featured in multiple TV highlights sections including the The Daily Telegraph and Daily Express, where it was rated four out of five. It was also covered by local media, including the Daily Echo, and specialist press including the Nursing Times. Read our press release here.
  • Dr Iain Macintosh, director of PICU, wrote a column on his work in paediatric intensive care for The Guardian which was published ahead of the broadcast of the second episode of My Baby’s Life: Who Decides?
  • The Mail on Sunday ran a piece on a new vaccine being trialled at the Princess Anne Hospital for pregnant women to protect their babies against respiratory synctial virus. Read our press release (issued in October 2017) for more information.
  • The Guardian ran an article on sleep apnoea in children and interview UHS sleep medicine consultant Dr Cathy Hill.
  • The Daily Mail ran a full-page feature on pioneering treatment being trialled by doctors at UHS which involves using new dissolvable gel-beads to treat fibroids. Read our press release for more information.
  • The Sun, The Metro, the Daily Mail, The Independent and News Week covered a study led by researchers at UHS, the University of Southampton and colleagues in Spain which found drinking alcohol increases the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.
  • BBC Breakfast News, The Daily Telegraph, BBC News online, the i newspaper, Men’s Health, The Times, the Daily Mail, the Daily Star and the Daily Echo ran items on how a new non-surgical treatment for enlarged prostate which was first performed in the UK at UHS is set to be offered to patients nationwide following recommendations from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. Read our press release for more information.
  • This was also covered by BBC South Today, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Northampton, BBC Radio West Midlands, BBC Radio Solent, BBC Radio Norfolk, BBC Radio Three Counties, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and BBC Suffolk.
  • BBC News (6pm and 10pm) and BBC Radio 4 ran items on the use of a new liver scanning technique at UHS.