September and October 2019

The trust recorded a total of 816 items of media coverage during September and October with 95.34% positive, 2.21% negative and 2.45% neutral.

  • BBC Breakfast News, BBC World News, Forbes Magazine, techradar, Med-Tech Innovation, Digital Health Age and Tech A Peek reported children's intensive care doctors in Southampton have become the first in the UK to use a pioneering ‘pocket’ ultrasound probe which beams scans instantly to an iPhone or iPad.

  • BBC News, Sky News, The i Paper, The Guardian, the Daily Mail, Japan Today, Pulse, Reuters, Rynek Zdrowia (Poland), the Daily Echo covered a warning from genetics consultant Professor Anneke Lucassen against the use of home genetic testing kits in a paper published by The BMJ. See our press release for more information. This was also covered again by the Daily Mail.

  • The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Express, the New York Times Post, the Florida Post, USA Today Post, The Washington Times, Monitorul de Galati (Romania), the Daily Echo covered research carried out at UHS which found the bacteria that causes whooping cough can “lurk silently” in the noses and throats of healthy people. This was also covered by 139 regional titles. See our press release for more information.

  • The Sun featured the story of patient Alison Cameron, who underwent a world-first nerve stimulation procedure performed by consultant neurosurgeon Girish Vajramani which saw him shortlisted in the ‘groundbreaking pioneer’ category at the newspaper’s annual Who Cares Wins Awards. This story was first issued as a press release in June.

  • The Mail on Sunday ran a full-page feature on a pioneering treatment for pancreatic cancer which involves delivering a one-off dose of highly-targeted and intense radiotherapy during surgery using the portable Mobetron system. Also covered by The Sunday Post.

  • The Mail on Sunday ran a feature on high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment for prostate cancer and interviewed consultant urological surgeon Tim Dudderidge.

  • The i Paper, the Belfast Telegraph, The Scotsman, the New Forest Post, the Portsmouth News, the Shropshire Star, Dundee Courier, Express and Star, the Wessex Scene and The Breeze FM reported surgeons in Southampton are part of a groundbreaking national trial – described as “potentially game-changing” – that could transform the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. See our press release here. This was also reported by 121 regional publications and by The Australian.

  • The i Paper, ITV News, the Mail Online, the Nursing Times and more than 130 regional titles reported UHS head of cancer nursing Alison Keen’s concerns that “there is a lack of consistent and equitable [national] funding for nurse education” and the “knock-on effect is the lack of opportunity to specialise in services such as cancer care”.
  • The Times and the Daily Mail covered reproductive medicine consultant Professor Ying Cheong’s warning of limitations to a US study which suggests women who are trying to conceive or are pregnant should cut out caffeine entirely to minimise the risk of losing their baby, particularly during the first eight weeks.
  • Professor Cheong also commented in the Daily Mirror and The Independent on a study which found a compound in tomatoes could potentially help to tackle fertility problems in men.
  • The Daily Mirror, BBC South Today, The Breeze FM, the Daily Echo and the Portsmouth News reported UHS clinical oncologist Dr Shanmugasundaram Ramkumar’s warning that not extending the HPV vaccine to boys aged over 13 was “misguided”. See our press release for more information.