Communications and public engagement

We're proud of our people and their work to improve health and lives, which is why we're keen to engage with others about our efforts.

Our aims are:

  • To engage with people at local, regional and national levels, sharing the nature and potential of our research
  • To support people's participation in our studies, and raise awareness of our role in the national research effort
  • To rais ethe profile of key research areas and agendas, including children's health research, advancing nutritional care and tackling chronic respiratory conditions.
  • To help our people in turn research findings into new practice and health policy through professional and peer communications
  • To attract and support research opportunities with pharmaceutical and health technology companies.   
  • To help explain the nature and benefit of our work for our funders, particularly the National Institute for Health Research, Cancer Research UK and the Medical Research Council.

Get in touch with us

We're keen to share our work and reach those who can help - whether that's potential research participants, collaborators or decision makers.

If you, your community or organisation want to speak with us, you can contact us using the details below: