Edge (research management system)

Edge is an integral part of the management of research here at UHS.

Over the past year an implementation project has been underway to further develop the use of Edge in order to make better use of the functionality it can offer. NHS trusts across the country have been making similar developments in order to provide a smoother, and more transparent set up of research, as well as easier management of studies.

Latest update - summer 2019

Central portfolio management system (CPMS)+Edge link:

Any study that is adopted onto the NIHR CRN Portfolio requires the recruitment data to be recorded via the CPMS on the Open Data Platform (ODP) – if recruits are not recorded here, UHS does not get the accruals for each recruit – which are linked to our research funding for the Trust. Previously this was done manually, but as of 1 May 2019 recruitment is pulled directly from the Edge study record through to CPMS. Therefore it is now more important than ever that our Edge recruitment data is accurate and uploaded in real time. There is no additional work required from recruiting sites for the recruitment to be sent to CPMS.



Over the past year R&D and our support departments have been piloting the use of workflows to track the life of a study. The pilot ended in January 2019 and these have been in use since then. This means that while a study is in set up, R&D, pharmacy, radiology, CRF, pathology will add workflows to the site (red) level to show the progress of set up and confirm capacity to support, and this is viewable by all staff that are allocated to that study. More recently a nursing set up workflow has also been developed and is now in use.
There are also workflows in use to track amendments and annual reports. This has been a huge change in working for all departments, but is now becoming embedded and used more consistently. Workflows will only be editable by team leads and R&D staff.



Edge delivery teams SOP:

The Edge lead champions are starting work on SOPs for delivery teams to provide guidance on the use of Edge. We hope to have something ready for release by the end of summer 2019.

Adding patient visit activity:

Patient visit activity is now being uploaded to Edge. For commercial studies this allows quicker invoicing and prevents the need for this information to be sent separately. Non-commercial studies have the same capabilities, just currently without costs attached. Please see the downloadable guidance sheet on this page for more information.


Lead champions/Edge champions:

We have increased the amount of support available for Edge users across the Trust. Visit the support page in Edge to find a list of lead champions for UHS, or email edge2admin@uhs.nhs.uk. Edge is generally quite simple to upload patient recruitment but not all studies fit the set patient pathway. If you have any questions on the use of Edge please contact the Edge champion in your area.


There is now the ability to record safety events on Edge. Please note this does not include UHS sponsored studies.

This is currently not compulsory, but some teams have found they prefer to record this information electronically rather than sending reports to R&D. If you would like to do this for your studies please email R&D in the first instance to inform them than an SAE/AE/SUSAR has been recorded and include the study details. From there you may update the follow up reports without needing to continue to inform R&D.



We will be arranging training sessions for end of July/August to demonstrate the Edge system and allow staff the opportunity to review any parts they may be unsure of. Please email viki.rumble@uhs.nhs.uk if there are any specific topics you would like covered in training. Details of dates to follow.

BI reporting:

The R&D data manager has done a huge amount of work to allow the data that is input into Edge to be displayed visually through business intelligence reporting. For example this means that information like recruitment trends can be tracked visually when reporting to senior management.



  • Please check what your sponsor counts as ‘recruited’ when recording on Edge.
  • Ensure recruits are ‘completed’ when a study closes.

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