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Nominate your role model

We are pleased to announce our new academic role model initiative, allowing you to nominate your role models.  

This initiative showcases individuals at the University of Southampton and University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust who have made a substantial and positive impact in their field of work, both in terms of effects on their colleagues, healthcare and the general public.

We will publish the role models' stories in recognition of their contribution and to help inspire others. Our selection process seeks to ensure we cover a diverse range of individuals, from different professions, disciplines, specialties and career stages.

Why are role models important?

Role modelling is an integral part of education and learning and affects the attitudes, behaviours and views of junior professionals. Role models influence career choices. They are people we can identify with, who have qualities we would like to have and are in positions we would like to reach.

Aims of the initiative

  1. Inspire junior academics and others interested in a health-related research career
  2. Highlight the diversity and range of our outstanding health-related academics who mentor, guide and inspire people at Southampton
  3. Recognise, showcase and celebrate the personal and professional qualities of individual role models and the achievements of our health-related research community in Southampton

If you would like to nominate someone, please download and complete the form on the right hand side and email it to soar@uhs.nhs.uk.