Training and support


Find out about the courses you can take to develop your research career, as well as mandatory training courses for clinical trials.  

Training is available to help you progress to the next stage in your research career. If you are involved in the running of a clinical trial, you will need to comply with mandatory training.

NIHR Research Design Service

You can find out about the latest NIHR funding calls and other opportunities through NIHR Research Design Service South Central’s weekly email bulletin.

Please email to sign up.

Training for clinical trials

The research team of a clinical trial must have attended Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training, according to Medicines for Human Use (Clinical Trial) regulations, the UK's Research Governance Framework and ICH-GCP guidance.

Online training courses

NIHR academic training advocates

The NIHR academic training advocates support health research careers by promoting the training and career opportunities available. At different stages in their research career with varied professional experiences, they can help you find out how to start, develop or continue a health research career.

Become an NIHR rater or expert commentator

The NIHR dissemination centre offers various excellent opportunities to extend your critical appraisal skills and engage in activities designed to promote research dissemination and utilisation.


SoAR recognises the importance of mentoring for all researchers. If you are keen to find a mentor, or are wiling to mentor others, please get in touch.