Getting started

A range of resources in both the Trust and University are freely available to support you at every stage of your grant application. Follow the links below and right for more information:


This is mandatory for fellowships and training awards only. An expression of interest (EoI) helps us to understand your proposal and how the Trust and University can support it. Please submit the Expression of Interest (EoI) form to the R&D grants team at least twelve weeks before the funder deadline

An EoI is not required for programme or project grants.



It takes time to cost a grant accurately and comprehensive. All requests to UHS for costing a grant application must be made at least 10 working days before the funder’s submission deadline. Requests received after that time may be rejected.


UHS employees or for any project using UHS resources - please complete the header sheet on the grant costing template and provide as much information as possible on the other sheet(s). Send it to at least three weeks before grant submission.

This template can be used for all non-commercial and investigator-led costings.

University of Southampton employees or for any projects that do not use UHS resources – please contact the university finance team at least three weeks before grant submission.

UHS grants team

grants team

Our team can also provide information on institutional support statements, public patient involvement, research governance, intellectual property and contracts.

Further details are provided on the map of services.




Research design service (RDS-SC)



Approach them early for free, professional advice on design and methodology.

Visit their website

University of Southampton Research and Innovation Services (RIS)


For academics – advice and support in funding, collaborations, industry partnerships, bid preparation and contracts

Research funding finance team:

Request deadline is a minimum of 5 working days before funder’s submission deadline.

Visit their website