Grant funding support

UHS grant support is a new team here to help you. We assist and facilitate all research-oriented health professionals to:

  • identify suitable funding opportunities
  • prepare applications
  • negotiate research contracts, and
  • manage grant income through the life of your award

We can also help with increasing the research impact through collaboration, knowledge transfer activities and commercialisation of intellectual property.

Contact us

Please look at menu on the left to find more information about how to get started, current funding calls and other support.


Important information

Costing requests that are submitted less than 10 working days before the funder's submission deadline may be refused. We aim to help everyone but it takes time to cost grant applications accurately and comprehensively and demand is high. This position is in line with the University research funding hub.

Additional time is required for completion of the SoECAT form that must now accompany many grant types and be processed by the Trust and the CRN before submission.

You may also need to consider the public patient involvement (PPI) resources of your project. Further information can be obtained from the PPI team, 

Please make sure you allow enough time for finalising the finances of your research grant application by contacting as early as possible.

If it is necessary to reject a request, an email will be sent to the applicant copying in the divisional research lead, and R&D senior contracts and finance managers.


Get involved!

The NIHR has launched a new campaign to encourage more healthcare professionals to get involved in research. Your Path in Research showcases a range of ways you can learn more about the research happening around you every day, as well as how to take the first or next step in a research career with the NIHR.