Dr Simon Crabb, medical oncology

Simon Crabb

Dr Crabb works in laboratory and clinic to develop better therapeutic options for genitourinary cancers such as bladder, prostate and kidney cancers.

His programme of research includes the development of clinical trials to test new drug treatments for these diseases.

Better genitourinary cancer therapies

Dr Crabb’s work is divided between the laboratory and medical oncology department of our hospital Trust, where he specialises in the management of genitourinary cancers (bladder, prostate and kidney cancers) as a consultant.

His laboratory research involves developing drugs that target chemotherapy resistant cancers and epigenetic control of gene expression (controlling what genes are expressed, and when). He is also active in clinical trials and involved in a number of early-stage trials for genitourinary cancers.


Simon was appointed as a senior lecturer in medical oncology in 2009. Having graduated in medicine from St George’s Hospital, London in 1996 he joined the University of Southampton in 2002 as a Cancer Research UK clinical research fellow. He was awarded his PhD in 2006 for work involving the development and characterisation of novel histone deacetylase inhibitors.

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