Help shape our research

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Involving patients in research is about more than just asking them to take part in a trial to test a new treatment, therapy or preventative measure. 

Why we need your help

To make sure that our research helps improves lives and that people who take part in our research studies have a great experience, we need your support. In being involved, you can make sure that our research is relevant to those it directly affects. 

We welcome help from all members of the public. This includes people with a lived-experience of a particular condition (as a patient, family member or carer), people who have taken part in a trial or those who simply have an interest in research.

“Joining has allowed me to influence and shape research coming out of Southampton, something which I am very proud of.”

Becky, Young adult public involvement member

How much time will it take?

This is up to you. You will be invited to contribute to projects which match your interests and you can decide whether you respond to the request. We know that your time may be limited and we are grateful for any help you can give.

"For me this is a fantastic learning situation as well as being stimulating and energising. You can give as much time as you want and it's great to know you are helping to shape the future of new treatment."

Pam, adult public involvement member

How would I be involved?

You could come to a meeting, read over information on paper, complete a survey or simply vote in an online poll. Here are some examples:

  • Helping write or comment on information sheets for patients.
  • Help us to solve issues we come across in studies.
  • Working with a research team to ensure a study is suitable for the patients involved.
  • Advise researchers on how to talk about, or write about, research findings in a way that is easy to understand.
  • Guide researchers on how to design questionnaires to get reliable, honest replies from people taking part in trials.
  • Join a committee for a study, which meet regularly to talk about progress on the project and help make important decisions.

“If I am worried that I am not doing something right I talk it through with Caroline, the patient and public involvement officer and she helps me. Everyone helps actually, they are all really nice and that makes it easy.”

Giselle, adult public involvement member

Why would I get involved?

  • To share your experience as a patient, carer or family member affected by a condition.
  • To improve the lives of others.
  • To give back to the NHS.
  • For your own development.
  • For your own interest.

Whatever the reason, we value your input. We are grateful for your help with our research and we pay for the costs of involvement (such as travel costs and carer or child care costs).

“As well as having a voice and playing a part in the direction of research, you find out so many new things and hear about studies that could make a huge difference.”

Daniel, adult public involvement member

Find out more

To be kept up-to-date with opportunities to be involved, join our mailing list (for 16 years and over). 

To hear more from public members who have been involved, visit our stories from those involved.

We also offer opportunities for children and young people (8-16 years) to have their say. To find out more, please email us.

Our patient and public involvement team, Caroline Barker, will be happy to talk to anyone who has questions or wants more information. Email or call 023 8120 4989.

“I had no idea how interesting this was going to be. I am hooked now, I want to help the NHS get things right.”

Giselle, adult public involvement member