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New COVID-19 Research Ideas

All new COVID-19 research proposals and ideas should be submitted to Wessex Health Partners' Academic Health Science Centre, our region's scientific research response to the pandemic, via the EoI form here.

The energetic efforts of our region's research community to respond with potential COVID-19 diagnostics, treatments and prevention measures has been phenomenal.

At the same time, with research as the 3rd part of the Government’s COVID-19 plan and the only exit strategy for this pandemic, there is increasing coordination, prioritisation and de-duplication of research proposals at the national level.

To meet that national need we ask that any new research ideas or proposals, clinical or otherwise, are submitted to WHP AHSC so that we can capture, support and channel our community’s efforts and ideas to best effect.

You can download the Expression of Interest form here, and download the details for our research prioritisation process