Shek, Dr Fanny





Pancreatic diseases

Training and education

University of Nottingham 1990 B Medical Sciences (Physiology & Pharmacology)
University of Nottingham  1993 BM BS
Royal Collge of Physicians, London 1996 MRCP
University of Southampton 2005 PhD


Dr Shek has worked for the Trust since September 2008. 

I was a specialist trainee in the Wessex region. Although I am a gastroenterologist and able to competently perform most endoscopic procedures, I have a special interests in pancreatic diseases. I am furthering my experience in ERCP and Endoscopic ultrasound scan. I work closely with the Hepato-biliary Pacreatic surgeons. I also take an interest in basic sciences research into pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer with the university

Key achievements

PhD 2005
Improving the bowel preparation for colonscopy in our Endoscopy unit 2008.
Appointment to a substantive post in Gastroenterology (Pancreatic Diseases) in September 2008.

Key awards and prizes

Elliot Prize in Biology, 1986
Amelie Waring Fellowship, MRC Core, Research fellowship in Pancreatic Diseases, January 2000- 2003
Wessex Medical Trust, £10,000 December 2000
Lord Smith Medal, Pancreatic Society of  Great Britain and Ireland, November 2000


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Shek FW, Benyon RC, Walker FM, McCrudden PR, Pender SL, Williams EJ, Johnson PA, Johnson CD, Bateman AC, Fine DR, Iredale JP. Expression of transforming growth factor-beta 1 by pancreatic stellate cells and
its implications for matrix secretion and turnover in chronic pancreatitis.
AMERICAN JOURNAL PATHOLOGY 160 (5): 1787-98 2002

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