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You must receive a local induction from your care group or department, where more specific issues relating to the care group are explained. Details of the requirements of your local induction are included below and in your Trust induction booklet. 

The local induction pages within your booklet must be discussed with your manager and signed off as completed during your development review/appraisal.  If you do not have a local Induction delivered or arranged within 48 hours of starting work, you must contact your line manager.

When you begin working at UHSFT you may require further information on general HR policies such as Managing Attendance, Appearance, Maternity or Grievance policies. To access these polices or procedures, please visit this staffnet link (only accessible internally).

Who is it for?

This content is relevant to all employees except doctors and dentists


Your line manager

To be achieved within one week


  • New employee welcomed
  • Introduction to department manager
  • Introductions to the team/department
  • Terms and conditions info on staffnet
  • Receipt of identity badge

Section or department

  • Tour of department
  • Cloakroom and toilet facilities and lockers
  • First aid points – if applicable
  • Fire exits
  • System for raising alarm
  • Staff restaurants and nearby refreshment facilities
  • Notice boards and communications, e.g. team meetings, team brief, connect
  • Telephone facilities and use of phone card to make personal calls
  • Parking arrangements and Travelwise
  • Access to Trust IT systems including staffnet 
  • Governance structure and named leads
  • Complaints procedure
  • Local handover policy for clinical and non-clinical staff

The department

  • Outline of new employee's role within the team and management, divisional/care group structure
  • Colleagues - buddy and sources of help and advice identified with their contact details

Conditions of employment

  • Contract of employment, hours of work including overtime, lunch and tea breaks, notice period
  • Outline limitations and constraints of job
  • Time of payment, payslip explained 
  • Income Tax, National Insurance and other deductions
  • Holidays and local arrangements for leave
  • Managing Attendance Policy and how to report sickness including special leave policy
  • Occupational sick pay and sick pay scheme
  • Medical screening and Occupational Health department
  • Pension scheme(s), booklets received
  • Procedure for completion of travel claims and time sheets

Development and training

  • Introduction to Development Review process and Knowledge and Skills framework

Health and Safety

  • Fire, Health and Safety Induction from group leaders
  • First aider locally - contact name and number
  • Personal security
  • Reporting of Adverse Incidents and Risk Management – local trigger events
  • Emergency protocols – cardiac arrest, needle stick, major incident
  • Infection control and hand washing
  • Trained in relevant equipment and procedures
  • Major incident awareness training 

HR policies and procedures

  • Location of HR Policies and Procedures on StaffNet
  • Single Equality Scheme Policy
  • Disciplinary Procedure
  • Performance Management
  • Special Leave Policy
  • Appearance Policy
  • Flexible Working Policy 
  • Managing Attendance Policy
  • Email & Internet Security Policy 
  • Alcohol and Drugs Policy
  • Smoke-Free Site Policy
  • Confidentiality issues / Data Protection Act
  • Grievance / disputes procedures
  • Dignity at Work – Eliminating Bullying and Harassment what to do if harassed or bullied by a member of staff, patient or visitor – explanation of nominated Dignity at Work Advisors
  • Location of Health & Safety & Security Policies
  • Guidance to staff on raising concerns / whistle blowing including Counter Fraud policy
  • Email and Internet Security Policy

To be achieved within first month

Development and training

  • Attendance at corporate induction
  • Trust Staff Development Policy
  • Content of local and Trustwide training programmes
  • Training records / progress sheets/ portfolios
  • Further education facilities e.g. Health Services Library/Cyber Centre/Education Centre
  • Policy on funding available for training
  • Training booking system
  • Training Agreement – for clinical staff only
  • Statutory and Mandatory and Medical Equipment Training discussed

Personal development

  • Review of job description
  • First Development Review to set objectives and review against Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) outline

Employee involvement and communication

  • Team meeting and Team Brief
  • Role of Staff Partnership Forum - local representative
  • Trade Union/Professional Organisation recognition

To be achieved within three months

Personal Development

  • Review of Induction procedure
  • Review of activities outstanding from first three months and action plan to address them
  • Development review with line manager discussing achievement of KSF outline and career development

The final part of your induction is your first development review/appraisal.  At this development review/appraisal you should discuss your local induction, current work performance, achievement towards your KSF outline and completed Learning Log, which you should have started on your Trust induction day. Together with your line manager you should discuss your training needs and agree a Personal Development Plan.

Voluntary reading

  • Infection Control E-Learning
  • UHSFT documents (see Trust documents on staffnet)
  • Major Incidents - This Affects You!
  • 2020 vision 
  • ACAS e-learning modules available free on www.acas.org.uk/elearning/

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