Trust induction e-learning

A warm welcome to you as a new employee working in University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. We hope that, as well as working hard and enjoying your time in Southampton, you will also take the opportunity to learn and develop yourself. Please take the time to view the introductory video below.

Your Trust induction

Your Induction has two parts:

These pages provide you with all the relevant information you will need to know and complete once you have started work with the Trust.

It is important that ALL sections are completed/attended and there is evidence of this. Completing this is part of your employment contract. There will be random auditing of the completion of the e-learning element of Trust induction.

Terms and Conditions of Service - For additional information please refer to the document in the downloads box, top right, for the Agenda for Change Terms and Conditions of Service.  This is not mandatory as part of your induction but is purely for information.

Contract Details - If you require further help or advice on any aspect of your employment with us, please do not hesitate to contact the Transactional HR team.


Your Induction Day:green induction day graphic

Trust Induction will provide you with some of the information that you need to know  to help you settle more quickly and safely into your new job at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHSFT).

This induction is mandatory and is part of your contract of employment.  You need to attend the Trust induction day which consists of presentation sessions in the morning and web-based e-learning activities for you to complete in the afternoon.

You must sign and date your induction checklist and return to your induction facilitator at the end of your induction day.

Induction programme

For Trust Induction dates and venues (normally fortnightly) please see Corporate Mandatory Trust Induction 

(normally fortnightly) please see

Registration at 8.45am prompt; the classroom will be open from 8.30am.

Finish time by 4.30pm.

The full programme of lectures and sessions will be available at registration.

  • Welcome to UHSFT
  • Achieving a successful partnership between UHSFT and you
  • Looking after yourself - Security
  • Quality Governance
  • Looking after the whole person - Chaplaincy
  • Fraud Prevention - "I had no idea" 
  • Security First 
  • Infection control and handwashing
  • Customer Care

Who is it for

This content is relevant to all employees except doctors and dentists.


Lin Early: 023 8079 4951


The afternoon session is for you to complete the web-based e-learning modules.

Before you start the e-learning

Firstly, print off the Trust Induction Checklist (see Downloads window, right) as this will be required as evidence of your completion.  It will also serve as an aide memoire guiding you through this process.  Please take your time to read through all of the information on this page and in the e-learning modules, and remember you can refer to this information at any time. 

There will be random auditing of the completion of the e-learning element of Trust Induction, so completion certificates from each module must be printed and handed to your line manager to be placed into your personnel file and updated on their individual training record through OLM (part of ESR).

E-learning training

You need to complete the e-learning in the following order and record completion on your induction checklist. 

  1. IT skills assessment
  2. Fire (in Trust induction e-learning)
  3. Manual handling (in Trust induction e-learning)
  4. Equipment (in Trust induction e-learning)
  5. Hazardous substances (in Trust induction e-learning)
  6. Slips, trips and falls (in Trust induction e-learning)
  7. Infection control and PPE
  8. Resus services presentation 
  9. Information governance (via information governance website)

You need to complete the remaining modules in Trust induction e-learning either on Trust induction day, or as part of your local induction.  

Before you access the online training please read the User Guide - Trust Induction E-learning 

IT Skills Assessment Trust Induction eLearning 

Resus Services Presentation   Health And SafetyInformation Governance

Hard copies

Hard copies of these documents will be available on the induction day:

  • Induction Programme including a map of Southampton General Hospital and Learning Log and notes for Local Induction
  • Induction day checklist
  • Various leaflets of interest for delegates to take away

Please now go to the Local Induction page.