Getting help

Working at UHS can be tough. It's a busy place and we deal with all sorts of traumatic and distressing situations. We know how important it is to look out for and look after each other. Doctors often feel they need to be heroic in the hours they work and the difficulties they deal with, but it can take its toll. Remember it’s okay to want support sometimes.

UHS support

There are lots of opportunities to seek support within the Trust:

  • Tell a colleague how you feel.
  • Speak to your educational or clinical supervisor.
  • Meet up with one of the DME team - email us at
  • Contact the chaplaincy - any faith or none, they’re there for you. Call 023 8120 8517 or email
  • Sign up for a mentor or coach here.
  • Get some space in the mindfulness sessions held in the chapel.
  • You can contact occupational health on ext. 4156 or by emailing

Wider support

The employee assistance programme is there is support you, call freephone 0800 243 458 or email

You can also log on to Workplace Options, click member benefits (top right) and enter username: UHS and password: employee.

Your GP might be able to help.

Online resources

There are online places to get help too - try italk, a psychological therapy service or moodgym, offering interactive self-help.