Locum doctors

Welcome to University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHSFT). We hope you will enjoy working here in Southampton.

All short term locum doctors appointed to UHSFT (<1 months duration)

You must complete the Locum Induction Package (approx 20 mins) before starting work. This interactive package is designed to provide a basic induction for Doctors who have not worked within UHSFT previously and are unable to attend the "First Wednesday" Induction held at the beginning of each month.

In order to use this programme, your computer needs to be attached to a printer in order that you can print out a certificate at the end of the programme to show you have completed the package. This certificate must be handed to your line manager.

It is your professional responsibility to complete this correctly.

Access the e-learning:

Locums elearning thumbnail:Locums elearning thumbnail

Longer-term locums

Longer term locums with a contract longer than one month are required to undergo the full mandatory process held on the first Wednesday of each month in addition.