Medical careers

Medical students at the University of Southampton and doctors in training at UHS have access to medical careers support.

Career development gives you the opportunity to define or redefine (either alone or with someone else) your own career pathway. It usually takes into account your personal life too. You can reappraise your life and ambitions at any point in life, but an ongoing process that you review regularly is likely to give you the greatest rewards and job satisfaction, without sacrificing your life work balance.

If you would like support with this, please email explaining what you would like. We'll put you in touch with an appropriate person with the skills to help.

What's available?

There are lots of ways you can get help with considering your future career choice.

  • Health careers is an excellent site with lots of information on a broad range of topics, useful if you're having a career dilemma.
  • Speak to your colleagues and supervisors - it's usually easy to get advice on how to get on their specialty.
  • The DME team are all available for advice and support, and it sometimes helps to speak to someone outside of your area of practice. Email us at
  • You could work through your options with a coach or mentor, both are available at UHS.
  • Sci59 is a computerised personality inventory tool to help you find which area of practice might suit you best. It is available for use in the medical library at Southampton General Hospital. It is also free if you are a BMA member.
  • The professional support unit (PSU) at Wessex Deanery can help you to access expert career coaching.
  • Companies such as Medical Forum have expert career coaches for doctors.

The University of Southampton careers service can advise on non-medical careers and has some useful generic resources.