Appraisals and revalidation for doctors at UHS

The purpose of appraisal and revalidation is to provide assurance for patients and the public, employers and other healthcare professionals that licensed doctors are up to date and fit to practise by:

  • providing a focus for doctors’ efforts to maintain and improve their practice
  • enabling the organisations in which doctors work to provide support to doctors in keeping their practice up to date
  • identifying concerns about doctors at an early stage so that these cases are more actively managed locally or, where required, referred to the General Medical Council's fitness to practise process for investigation
  • acting as a driver for improving clinical governance at the local level, and ultimately, improving standards of patient care
  • encouraging patients and the public to provide feedback about the medical care they receive from doctors.

All doctors are required to have an annual appraisal. This is both a statutory obligation by the General Medical Council (GMC) and a statutory obligation of employment by the Trust. It is the doctor's own responsibility to ensure that this takes place.

Revalidation is the process whereby doctors positively affirm to the GMC that they are up to date and fit to practise. Revalidation applies to all licensed doctors in the UK. To maintain a licence to practise, doctors need to meet standards set by the GMC.

Each doctor reports to a designated body and a responsible officer (at UHS this is the medical director) who has legal responsibilities for their practice. This includes recommending to the GMC that they are fit to practise (revalidation), usually once every five years.

The designated body for qualified doctors is generally the organisation where they undertake the majority of their clinical work

The designated body for trainees is generally their deanery. 

What do I need to do when I join UHS?

When you join UHS you need to update your designated body to UHS on GMC online if appropriate.

If UHS is your designated body you should send our appraisal team at least your last appraisal output documentation (MAG, ARCP review, form 4) and ideally all appraisal outputs recorded since your last revalidation (or since registration if not yet revalidated) so that we have an appraisal record for you and can establish your next appraisal due date. You should email these to If this is your first job in the UK or there is another reason why you have not had an appraisal please let the appraisal team know.

There is more information on the Trust intranet (only available on UHS computers) about appraisals at UHS. We also run awareness courses that doctors new to UHS are advised to attend.


Derek Sandeman is the medical director and the responsible officer for UHS.

Henrik Steinbrecher is the Trust appraisal and revalidation lead.

The appraisal team can be reached on