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SAS grade doctors

The SAS grade doctor (SAS) refers to senior doctors in the role of specialty and associate specialist doctors’ grade. They function in a variety of specialties in hospital medicine whilst providing experienced and specialist patient care activities.

The doctors within this category comprise the following posts:

  • staff grade doctors
  • associate specialist doctors
  • specialty doctors.

Clinical assistants and hospital practitioners are often grouped with the above SAS doctors. However their terms and conditions of service are significantly different from SAS doctors.

Doctors normally enter these posts after at least four years of postgraduate training, two of those being in a chosen specialty. Doctors entering the grade are usually skilled and knowledgeable in their clinical speciality. SAS doctors are also involved in teaching, training, research and developing local services as appropriate to their skills and experience.

All SAS doctors work as part of multi professional team of doctors, sharing responsibilities with consultants and other colleagues. SAS doctors work with specific objectives in agreement with employers while working towards individual career aspirations and goals.  

Local developments

SAS doctors at the Trust are a dedicated group, holding regular discussion groups bimonthly, with time focused on areas of professional development.

Educational activities with study days on generic clinical and non-clinical topics, individual mentoring of SAS doctors, advice on appraisal, job planning, career development and social events are part of the structured functioning of the group.  

SAS doctors are encouraged to be involved in teaching, in particular on the very popular undergraduate MiPs programme, and also to become educational supervisors for the foundation programme doctors. 

With active encouragement SAS doctors in the Trust have taken up significant management roles, running undergraduate training programmes.

Study leave

Study leave allocation is available to all SAS doctors at the same rate as consultants in the Trust and is accessed via care groups.