Adobe Reader

What is Adobe Reader? What is a PDF?

Adobe Acrobat is a document format which enables people to publish documents (as PDF - "Portable Document Format" files) freely for everyone to read, regardless of the computer they are using.  It is portable, flexible, both web and accessibility friendly and more secure than many other documents.

This requires a piece of software for your computer, called Adobe Reader.

Using a Trust PC

If you are using a Trust PC, this should already be installed.

However, if you have problems opening some Adobe documents, you may need an updated version of the software (for example, some of the latest Department of Health documents). In this case you should log a Helpdesk call on ext. 6000 and ask for your Adobe Reader to be updated to the latest version. Please do not download and install the latest versions yourself - the Trust has a pre-built version that works with our systems.

Using a home or external PC

If you are unable to view the PDF documents in this section, you may need to install Adobe Reader.

Other problems

If you are experiencing Adobe PDF files flashing up on the screen very briefly (but not opening), you will need to download the file to your computer to view it. To do this you must Right-Click on the document name, and choose Save Target As. You will then need to specify where to save the file (ie. Desktop, My Documents). Once downloaded, you should then be able to open the document to read it. If you continue to experience problems, you will need to log a Helpdesk call (as above).

Some documents may initially appear very small on screen. You can use the Zoom facility to increase the text and image size. Click on View to access the Zoom options, or use the + and - buttons on the top Toolbar.