Departmental clinical profiles

Division A 

Cancer care (C4, C6 BMT, CMH, D3, D2, C6 TYA)

Cancer care clinical profile 

Critical care (CICU, GICU, neuro ICU, SHDU)

Critical care clinical profile

Critical care induction pack


Radiotherapy clinical profile

Surgery (E5 lower GI, E5 upper GI, E8, F5, F11, acute admissions - ASA F6 & ASU, outpatients departments (surgical, medical, ENT & maxillofacial), surgical pre-operative assessment unit, urology day unit)

Surgery clinical profile

Theatres (theatres (centre block and neuro), day surgical unit, Lymington theatres and Knightwood surgical day unit, sterile services, acute pain services, anaesthetists, eye theatres, Princess Anne theatres)

Theatres clinical profile

Theatres student handbook

Division B


Emergency medicine (AMU, AEC, ED)

Acute medical unit and ambulatory emergency care clinical profile

Emergency department clinical profile

Emergency department (ED)

Medicine (medicine respiratory: D5, D6, RHDU; medicine gastro: D8, D9, D10, E7)

Medicine clinical profile

D6 student information pack

D7 student information pack

D8 student information pack

D9 student information pack

D10 student information pack

E7 general medicine ward student information pack

Endoscopy student information pack

RHDU student pack

Medicine for older people (G5, G6, G7, G8, G9, F7)

Medicine for older people clinical profile

G7 student induction pack

Ophthalmology (ED ophthalmology, eye short stay unit ophthalmology, outpatient ophthalmology)

Ophthalmology clinical profile

Orthoptics student information pack

Eye casualty student handbook

Eye theatres student information pack

Respiratory physiology

Respiratory physiology clinical profile

Specialist medicine (managed care, dermatology, rheumatology, C5, TRC, pulmonary function laboratory, endoscopy)

Specialist medicine clinical profile

The managed care unit student handbook

Division C


Audiology clinical profile

Children's Hospital (PAU, PMU, G2N, PHDU, G3, G4SUN, G4N, JADW, Piam Brown, E1, PICU, COPD, Bursledon House)

Children's Hospital clinical profile

Gynaecology (Bramshaw women’s unit)

Gynaecology clinical profile

Gynaecology student handbook

Midwifery (day obstetric unit, antenatal clinic, delivery suite, Broadlands Birth Centre, Burley and Lyndhurst, New Forest Birth Centre, community)

Midwifery clinical profile

Neonates (neonatal unit)

Neonates clinical profile

Nutrition and dietetics

Nutrition and dietetics clinical profile


Pharmacy clinical profile


Therapy clinical profile

Speech and language therapy clinical profile

Division D

Cardiovascular and thoracic (D4, CCU, CHDU, E2, E3, E4, cardiac cath lab and day case unit)

Cardiovascular and thoracic clinical profile

Cardiovascular and thoracic student handbook

Neurosciences (HASU (C neuro), RTU (C neuro), D neuro, E neuro, F8 acute stroke unit, F4 spinal, neuro outpatients)

Clinical profile neurosciences


Radiology clinical profile

Technical cardiology

Technical cardiology profile

Trauma and orthopaedics (F1, F2, F3, F4, Brooke ward, orthopaedic outpatients)

Trauma and orthopaedics clinical profile

Trauma and orthopaedics student information pack