Elective placements for nursing students

Due to COVID-19, nursing student electives will not be able to commence at UHS until further notice. When the situation changes and we are able to accept elective students, you will be able to follow the process as detailed below. We will remove this message at that time.

UHS welcomes applications from pre-registration nursing students for an elective clinical placement experience.

Please view our departmental clinical profiles for more information about our placement opportunities.

To apply for an elective placement please complete the elective placement student application form and ask your tutor to complete the elective placement - supporting information from tutor form. Details for returning these are on the bottom of the forms.

Students applying for an elective placement who are outside the Wessex area will be required to complete an honorary contract unless UHS has a valid practice agreement with your university.


  • Students should review the departmental clinical profiles and decide on a placement area of interest.
  • Students should then complete the application form for an elective placement and send this to training and development, UHS.
  • Students will give the tutor form to their tutor to complete and return.
  • Training and development will contact the ward or department to ask if the placement can be accommodated.
  • Ward manager will review the request.
  • Ward manager will confirm if the student can be accommodated.
  • Training and development will inform the student whether their request for a placement can be accommodated.
  • Student will be sent an honorary contract for completion if needed.