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Acute pain team

We can help if you're in severe pain after having surgery. We offer a range of treatment options from drugs and painkillers to diversionary therapy such as music and massage.

Our team is based on E level in Southampton General Hospital, but we work with patients across the Trust including Princess Anne Hospital. We have four acute pain nurse specialists, including one advanced clinical specialist who has considerable experience in pain management. A critical care consultant leads us clinically.

What we do

If you're staying on a hospital ward and you're in severe pain, perhaps after surgery, you're likely to be referred to us by the staff looking after you.

When our acute pain team nurse arrives, they will introduce themselves to you and make a detailed assessment of your pain.

We may ask you questions to encourage you to describe the pain, and to understand how you usually copy with pain. We'll also speak to the medical team on the ward about your condition.

We might advise several different treatments, including:

  • epidurals
  • patient-controlled analgesia (painkillers)
  • diversionary therapy including television or toys for children, music or massage.

Our acute pain nurse specialists can advise medical staff on different drugs or different drug combinations that might help you. We'll evaluate whether our treatment plan helps, and if it hasn't eased your pain we may try another option.

We're also on hand to monitor you if you've been under anaesthetic for surgery, giving appropriate levels of pain relief to keep you comfortable.

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