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Our facilities

Cardiac ICU is split into two sections – pink and blue, each with eight beds.

Nurses have work stations beside each bed, with a central nurses' station holding most of our IT equipment. The unit's layout has been specially designed with seriously ill patients in mind, so nurses rarely have to leave your bedside to carry out their day-to-day tasks - and if they do, it's for a short amount of time.

Each section has

  • five open plan beds
  • three single rooms for patients
  • two gowning-up lobbies, where doctors and nurses change their clothes to prevent infection
  • a central nurses station
  • a relatives' waiting room
  • a quiet room where relatives can go to be on their own or chat to a doctor
  • a visitor toilet.

Our unit also benefits from

  • a cardiac laboratory, which carries out all our blood tests on site, improving efficiency and speeding up your diagnosis
  • a blood storage unit, which can be used to temporarily store blood before a transfusion, speeding up treatment
  • being close to the cardiac catheter labs and operating theatres - a lift links cardiac ICU directly to the upstairs labs and theatres, creating a self-contained cardiac treatment unit and meaning that you have access to the best care within minutes.