Cardiac perfusionist at work

Clinical perfusionists

Clinical perfusion scientists, also known as perfusionists, are a vital member of the cardiac surgical team. 

Perfusionists are responsible for setting up and running the cardiopulmonary bypass machine which will take over the role of your heart and lungs during your operation, allowing the surgeon to operate.

At UHS, our clinical perfusion department is made up of 16 highly skilled perfusionists who cover a 24 hour service, 365 days a year. The department is also recognised as a training centre for trainee clinical perfusion scientists.

Our team

Chief clinical perfusion scientist

Jon Ball

Deputy chief clinical perfusion scientist 

Thomas Hampshire

Senior clinical perfusion scientists

Beulah Brook, Kathryn Chapman, Helen Doyle, Sophie Gray, Angela Horsburgh, Ceri Jones, Julie Naylor, Rachael Saunders, Claire Sweeting and Jemma Youdle

Clinical perfusion scientists

Mike Adamek, Neil Brown, Jesley Jose and Francesca Rutherford