Our facilities

We're based in the North Wing at Southampton General Hospital, also home to the Wessex Cardiac Unit which including cutting edge catheter labs, a specialist cardiac intensive care unit and dedicated cardiac scanner.

As well as our own dedicated catheter lab, we have some of the most advanced equipment available including an advanced biplane x-ray, which can look at the heart from two angles at the same time to give a much better image.

You'll also benefit from in-built high-tech mapping facilities, helping us to find and target treatment to complex heart rhythm problems even when the anatomy of them is very complicated.

Our unit has ten dedicated beds for cardiac rhythm management patients. If you're from another area, you'll be transferred to us for your operation, and discharged home or to your local hospital to recover. This helps to speed up admissions, avoid you being in hospital for longer than you need to be, and keep you close to home.