Bleeding disorder information card

The United Kingdom Haemophilia Centre Doctors' Organisation (UKHCDO) bleeding disorder information card is available to all patients registered at the Southampton haemophilia comprehensive care centre and on the National Haemophilia Database (NHD). This replaces the green card.

The card contains your details, including

  • your bleeding disorder and severity
  • the product used to treat your disorder (if needed)
  • contact details of your haemophilia centre.

It can show extra information if needed.

You should carry your card at all times as the information is vital if you suffer trauma, especially to your head, if you're admitted as an emergency, or if you need surgery. If this happens the card should be shown to a member of staff at the first point of contact.

If you haven't yet received a card, or if your card is lost or damaged please contact the haemophilia centre who will be happy to send out or replace cards.