Meet the haemophilia team



Dr Rashid Kazmi

Dr Kazmi is a consultant haematologist and is the director of the centre. His main areas of interest are haemostasis and thrombosis.

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Boyce, Dr Sara (haematology) new photo

Dr Sara Boyce

Dr Boyce's specialist interest is in blood clotting disorders. She has weekly specialist clinics for bleeding disorders and haemophilia, platelet disorders, thrombophilia and general haematology.

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Dr Galina Jigoulina

Dr Jigoulina is a consultant paediatric haematologist.

Sneha Tandon

Dr Tandon is a consultant haematologist.

Nursing team

  • Selena Lovick, haemophilia nurse

Administrative staff

  • Wendy Skelton, haemophilia and blood devolvement data manager
  • Fathiya El-Kindy, haemophilia secretary
  • Cindy Harbut, paediatric secretary

Support staff