Useful haemophilia links

Here are some useful websites for patients and their families: - (EUHANET) Enter your location to find your nearest five European Haemophilia Centres. - The Haemophilia Society is the only national, independent and patient led organisation for people affected by bleeding disorders. They work in close partnership with the NHS to offer information, support and represent the interests of those affected. - NHS Choices is the UK’s biggest health website. It provides a comprehensive health information service that puts you in control of your healthcare. - This page is dedicated to haemophilia patients and their families. It provides comprehensive and useful information on haemophilia, bleeding disorders and the National Haemophilia Database (NHD). - The World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH), an international not-for-profit organisation, was established in 1963. It is a global network of patient organisations in 118 countries and has official recognition from the World Health Organisation. - Women Bleed Too is a Haemophilia Society project which aims to ensure bleeding disorders are a recognised condition among women, and that appropriate treatment and support is available. - Turn2us are a charitable service which helps people access the money available to them – through welfare benefits, grants and other help. - This site gives people affected by bleeding disorders and inhibitors from across the world the chance to share their experiences, and keep up to date on the latest news and research in inhibitors. - Contact a family is a UK charity for families with disabled children. They offer information on specific conditions and rare disorders. - The Rainbow Trust Children's Charity provides emotional and practical support to families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness. - Young Bloods is a site for children and young people affected by bleeding disorders. - This website is for young people with haemophilia and inherited bleeding disorders. - HemoAction is a series of games developed to help children learn about hemophilia in a fun, easy to understand, and interactive way. They can also be used by parents, nurses, and other healthcare providers to reinforce key concepts about the disease and its management. - This site offers information for travellers with haemophilia, whether it's a day trip to the beach, a UK holiday or an adventure across the world. - Fact2fitness offers advice on diet, fitness, lifestyle and wellbeing. - Factor Fitness offers information about sport and haemophilia. - MedicAlert is the only non-profit making, registered charity providing a life-saving identification system for individuals with hidden medical conditions and allergies.