What happens when I come in?

Our clinic hours are 9am to 4pm and you'll be given a set 30 minute time slot. Please allow plenty of time for travel and parking.

During your appointment, a specialist doctor will discuss your chest pain, your medical history and the risk factors for heart disease. Next, a clinical nurse specialist will carry out a physical examination, an ECG (a tracing that records your heart's activity from stickers on your chest and limbs) and a blood pressure test.

When the doctor has all the information they need they will make a decision about a management plan. The management plan will be discussed with you before it is faxed to your GP. 

We might refer you for further tests, including

  • CT calcium scoring
  • CT angiogram
  • stress echo
  • cardiac stress MRI
  • myocardial perfusion scan
  • coronary angiography. 

Most patients will be discharged back to their GP if further cardiac investigations are not required.