Meet the team


Vascular surgical consultants

Our consultants are dedicated vascular surgeons. All of our consultants manage aneurysms, routine arterial bypasses and venous surgery.

Mr Gareth Morris

Mr Morris joined the team in 1994. He's a specialist vascular surgeon, with particular interests in carotid surgery, aortic surgery, and thoracic outlet disease.

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Mr Mike Phillips

Mr Phillips has sub-specialty interests in endovascular surgery and minimally-invasive vascular surgery.

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Mr Stephen Baxter

Since joining the Trust in 2002, Mr Baxter has developed the service managing varicose veins under local anaesthetic on the Isle of Wight, as well as developing and supporting the diabetic foot service. 

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Mr Ian Nordon

A general vascular surgeon, Mr Nordon has additional training in endovascular arterial and venous surgery.

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Vascular anaesthetist consultants

Patients with arterial disorders often have other medical issues. Our anaesthetists are trained to look after high-risk patients during complicated surgery. If you're having a longer procedure, we'll see you before the operation, and make sure you get the most suitable care before, during and after your operation.

Specialist registrars (anaesthetists in training) will usually be present to assist the consultant.

Our vascular anaesthetist consultants are

Michael Celinski 110x110.jpg

Dr Michael Celinski

Dr Celinski has a sub-specialty interest in intensive care.

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Dr Sanjay Gupta

Richard Heames 110x110.jpg

Dr Richard Heames

Dr Heames joined the Trust in 2005. He trained in vascular surgery in Canada.

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Roy Kukreja 110x110.jpg

Dr Roy Amit Kukreja

Dr Kukreja's work includes implementing the enhanced recovery programme for patients having vascular surgery. He joined the Trust in 2013.

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Dr Matthew Marsh

Dr Marsh's interests include anaesthesia for patients having vascular surgery. He has worked for the Trust since 2008.

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Dr David Sparkes


Nurse specialists

Nurse specialists are the hub of our unit, making sure everything runs smoothly. They coordinate surveillance programmes, monitor your progress and help to care for you. They also have a key role in education.

Our vascular nurse specialists are Jenny Williams, Nicola Storer, Lucy Godding and Alison Harfleet.

Ward staff

We're a very active ward, and usually have lots of patients who need intensive nursing care. We also have patients with non-healing ulcers. Due to this, the unit is split into two sections - patients who are at a lower risk of infection, and patients who have open wounds so are at a higher risk.

Nicola Williams is our ward sister, working alongside three junior sisters.

Interventional radiologists

Our interventional radiologists are doctors who perform different procedures using x-ray or ultrasound guidance. They diagnose problems using direct imaging (ultrasound or x-ray) or computer generated images using a CT scan or an MRI (magnetic resonance image) scan.


Vascular sonographers use ultrasound to measure the size of blood vessels and assess the blood flow inside that vessel, and can see abnormalities of the blood vessel wall. Our sonographers can give accurate information on blood vessel function because they can see it working, rather than just a snapshot.

Using ultrasound does depend on the blood vessel not being too deep or too hardened. Scans can also be more difficult when we are assessing very small blood vessels. There's no significant risk or discomfort from an ultrasound scan.


The physiotherapy team work in two areas - they help you to move and provide chest physiotherapy after surgery, and they provide a rehabilitation service if you have complications getting mobile.

Our hospital team will look after you after your operation, and start your rehabilitation programme if you need one. The full rehabilitation programme will be taken over by the outpatient team when you leave hospital.


Our podiatry team is based in the community, and see foot problems. Most of our vascular surgery patients with foot problems have diabetes.

The team can refer you to our clinic or ward. They are play a big part in follow up and keeping an eye on foot wounds in the long term.

Podiatrists hold combined diabetic foot clinics with diabetes doctors, vascular surgeons and the pedorthist (who makes suitable footwear according to requirements).