Meet the NICU team

Our department includes more than 100 staff including consultants, junior doctors, nurses, technicians, physiotherapists, radiographers, microbiologists, and pharmacists. We also have a number of important colleagues working behind the scenes and in administrative and domestic roles.

Visit our staff photo board in our main hallway to see the members of the NICU team.

We are all here to help and support you through what may be a distressing and difficult time.


Our 12 neuro intensivist consultants are led by Dr Roger Lightfoot. Consultants are available 24 hours a day, every day. They're in charge of running day to day care for you or your relative, assisted by junior doctors. You or your relative will often be under the care of a specialist consultant, such as a neuro surgeon or neurologist. Our consultant will work closely alongside them, as well as the wider team consisting of nurses, advanced critical care practitioners, physiotherapists, technicians, microbiologists and pharmacists.

In a 24 hour period, four ward rounds will be carried out to discuss your or your relatives' test results and progress, and will make any necessary changes to their treatment.


Dr Roger Lightfoot

Director of neurosciences intensive care unit, consultant neuroanaesthetist and intensivist

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Dr Kevin Boyle

Dr Boyle is a consultant neuroanaesthetist and intensivist.

CORDINGLY Matthew110x110.jpg

Dr Matt Cordingly

Dr Cordingly is a consultant neuroanaesthetist and intensivist. He is the co-author of the neuro intensive care unit guidelines.

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EYNON Andy110x110.jpg

Dr Andy Eynon

Dr Eynon has been a consultant in neurointensive care at UHS since October 2002. He was the first director of the neurointensive care unit from 2002 to 2010, and then became the first director of major trauma at UHS (2010 to 2015). 

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Dr Maralise Galea

Dr Galea is a consultant anaesthetist.

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Dr John Hell

Dr Hell is a consultant anaesthetist with special interest in neuro anaesthesia and neuro intensive care.

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Dr Sarah Jones

Dr Jones is a consultant neuroanaesthetist and intensivist.

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Dr Tim Nicholson-Roberts

Dr Tim Nicholson-Roberts

Dr Nicholson-Roberts is a consultant in critical care, specialising in neurointensive care, trauma anaesthesia, pre-hospital care.

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Dr Ben Thomas


Dr Mia Wakatsuki


Dr Manni Waraich


WEIDMANN Crispin110x110.jpg

Dr Crispin Weidmann

Dr Weidmann is a consultant neuroanaesthetist and intensivist. He set up the awake craniotomy service, and more recently day case neurosurgery with Mr Paul Grundy.

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Clinical fellows

Clinical fellowsClinical fellows are junior doctors who will spend between three and 12 months working here in NICU. Some are in training jobs to become A&E, anaesthetic or intensive care consultants. Others are here to gain some intensive care experience before deciding which career path to take. 


Senior nursesOur nursing team is lead by matron Linda Monk, supported by a team of nurses including sisters or charge nurses, staff nurses and health care support workers.

Neuro intensive care nurses are highly qualified and have specialist knowledge about managing critically ill people.

The senior nurses bring a wealth of intensive care experience and skills. There are at least two senior nurses on every shift and they will often be coordinating and supporting the nursing staff.

A neuro intensive care nurse is assigned to your relative. They will look after one patient or at the most two patients at a time depending on the severity of illness of that individual. They will spend the majority of their time managing the clinical treatments, directed by the senior medical and nursing staff, along with meeting all of the general care and personal needs of the patients. You will have most contact with the nurse who is assigned to care for your relative.

Specialist nurses

The unit is supported by several specialist nurses who are highly trained in their area of specialist care. They can provide information and support to patients and families and may be asked to visit you and your relative during their stay.

Healthcare support workers

We have a team of experienced healthcare support workers, working alongside our nursing and medical teams. They assist with personal and medical care under their supervision.

Advanced critical care practitioners

We have two training advanced critical care practitioners, who are very experienced nursing staff working alongside the medical team while they study. They have a set criterion for the two year period of training and are supported in this by our neuro intensive care consultants. Within this role they take on many of the responsibilities of the junior doctors including reviewing patients, prescribing medications and undertaking procedures on the unit.

Critical care technologists

Critical care techniciansNICU has a highly qualified team of CCTs, led by Ian Tatlow. The CCTs are trained in procedures including placement of invasive monitoring, plasma exchange, and fitting of halo jackets. They are responsible for maintaining medical equipment, training staff in the use of equipment, the safe transfer of patients within the hospital and safe repatriation to local hospitals.


PhysiotherapistsOur physiotherapy team specialise in neurocritical care and neurophysiotherapy work. They work closely with the medical and nursing teams, providing respiratory assessment and treating ventilated and non-ventilated patients. Their role includes maintaining joint and muscle flexibility, positioning and appropriate collar care for spinal patients.

Domestic and administrative staff

Clinical domestic support staffOur housekeeper and domestic staff assist in running the unit and maintaining our high standards. Our ward clerks make sure we have the correct patient information, notes and images available, and keep patient notes organised and updated for discharge.