Our facilities

MonitorThe neurosciences intensive care unit (NICU) was purpose built in 2000 and is bright and airy with plenty of natural light. NICU has a flexible configuration that allows beds to be used in the most efficient manner to meet the patient’s level of care.

Each bed space is equipped with monitoring and life support devices such as ventilators. In addition, the unit has specialised equipment such as:

  • cooling machines
  • specialist spinal beds
  • cardiac output monitors
  • electroencephalogram (EEG) monitors
  • plasma exchange equipment
  • specialist radiology equipment, including an angio suit

Smile4Wessex ambulanceNICU has access to an ambulance that is used to repatriate patients from both NICU and the Wessex Neurological Centre. This ensures patients are able to be transferred back to their local hospital when they no longer need our specialist care. The ambulance was purchased with funds raised by the Smile4Rich charity that supports the Wessex Neurological Centre.

The hospital has a limited amount of accommodation for relatives at Mellor House, although individuals will be asked to self fund for this service. If needed the unit has a list of local bed and breakfast and hotel accommodation available in and around Southampton.