Meet the team


Girish Vajramani

Mr Girish Vajramani, consultant neurosurgeon

Mr Vajramani joined the Trust in 2010 to set up our functional neurosurgery service.

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Neil Berry110x110.jpg

Neil Berry, consultant clinical psychologist

Neil has specialised in pain management since 1999. Before this, he worked in cardiac rehabilitation, and lectured in clinical psychology for 16 years at the University of Central Lancashire. From 2009 to 2016, Neil was a member of the Council of The British Pain Society. His self-help CD on living with chronic pain has also been widely used.

Andreas Tarnaris110x110.jpg

Dr Andreas Tarnaris, consultant neurosurgeon

Dr Tarnaris is a locum consultant neurosurgeon with specialist interest in functional neurosurgical pathologies.

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Megan Cumming110x110.jpg

Megan Cumming, neuromodulation specialist nurse

Megan is a registered independent nurse prescriber, and started working with patients with chronic pain in 2006. She began working with Mr Vajramani and the spinal cord stimulator team in 2010.

Megan runs the patient spinal cord stimulator education session, a unique concept that she developed at UHS. She also continues to work with a chronic pain management team locally.

You can contact Megan on 07799 861000 within working hours.

Michael Constantine110x110.jpg

Michael Constantine, neuromodulation specialist physiotherapist

Michael is a registered chartered physiotherapist, and has a masters degree. He has worked in orthopaedic spinal triage services since 2003, and also has experience in the primary care pain service. He joined the spinal cord stimulator team in 2003.

You can contact Michael on 07799 861000 within working hours.

Administrative team

Esther Pyle110x110.jpg

Esther Pyle, functional neurosurgery patient pathway coordinator

Esther arranges the team’s daily activities, and is PA to Mr Vajramani’s practice.

Rosemary Godleman110x110.jpg

Rosemary Godleman, neuromodulation patient pathway coordinator

Rosemary will collate all your information, and organises the monthly meeetings where staff from neurosurgery and pain will discuss your progress.