Diagnosis and treatment

Our team will see you if you have

  • been intubated or ventilated
  • suffered a multiple trauma
  • a spinal injury or condition
  • a head injury
  • complex neuropathies.

We also see patients in children's neuro, outpatient clinics, facial clinics and lumbar spine clinics.

We aim to see you on the same day you're referred or within 24 hours wherever possible, giving priority to patients who need respiratory care or have had surgery the previous day.


We provide respiratory support for ventilated and non-ventilated patients. We also work with patients who have had a tracheostomy, particularly around weaning and progression.

Others treatments include

  • acute rehabilitation and work on mobility
  • spasticity management
  • posture management
  • cognitive and perceptual assessment and treatment
  • upper limb assessment and treatment, including splinting.

We will carry out functional assessments, and arrange for any equipment that you need when you are discharged from hospital.

There is close working between occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and social services to make sure you get all the support that you need.