Specialist stroke nurses

Stroke nurse practitioners

Our stroke nurse practitioners are committed to raising standards of stroke care throughout the trust.

We assess potential patients in the emergency department (ED) and throughout the hospital, and organise for patients to be transferred to the hyper acute stroke unit (HASU) where necessary.

This is very important, as the amount of time a stroke patient spends on a dedicated stroke unit effects their outcome. Our referral system ensures that if you can't be transferred to the HASU, you will still receive the same level of stroke related care as you would on the unit.

As well as physical nursing care, our team will provide psychological support to you and your family, and education and advice to the staff working with you.

  • Fern Fox, stroke nurse practitioner
  • Sonia Rafael, stroke nurse practitioner
  • Chris Sanders, stroke nurse practitioner
  • Mariana Ferreira, stroke nurse practitioner
  • Luis Silva, stroke nurse practitioner
  • Joao Marques, stroke nurse practitioner
  • Stacey Valentine, stroke nurse practitioner
  • Tony Williams, stroke nurse practitioner
  • Connie Lau, stroke nurse practitioner
  • Angie Keens, TIA specialist nurse

Contact us on 023 8120 4459.

Inpatient senior stroke nurses

Our nursing team on the hyper acute stroke unit perform observations such as checking your neurological status and blood pressure. We also manage hygiene needs, encourage eating and deliver medications.

We can link you and your family to information and counselling and help with discharge planning. Our nursing staff are also involved in your rehabilitation process by monitoring how well you get on with activities such as washing and dressing, and encouraging you to get moving in partnership with our therapy team. 

Modern matrons

  • Sarah Halcrow
  • Ryan Bird

Ward managers

  • Grace Pryce (F8)
  • Amy Derham (HASU)

Ward sisters (F8)

  • Vicki Bates
  • Amy Lucas

You can contact the F8 ward sisters on extension 6998 or 3527.

Ward sisters (HASU)

  • Lynne Davies
  • Jackie White

You can contact the HASU ward sisters on extension 3216.

Vascular specialist nurses  

If you have experienced a TIA or stroke, our vascular nurses will look to determine the potential causes by performing a number of investigations, such as an ultrasound of the arteries in your neck (carotid doppler test).   

If a significant blockage is found, you will be referred to the vascular team for consideration of an operation to remove the blockage (carotid endarterectomy).

  • Jenny Williams, vascular specialist nurse, 023 8120 6039