Reconstructive breast surgery

A range of techniques are available if you are considering breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery, and you can discuss these with our team. They may be performed as an immediate reconstruction (during the same operation as the breast cancer is removed), or as a delayed reconstruction (at a later date). Techniques change with time and the correct technique for you will depend on a number of factors, including your breast surgeon’s assessment, your preferences and your personal circumstances.

Combining plastic surgery with breast cancer surgery is known as oncoplastic surgery. Some reconstructive procedures are not available in Southampton, but can be provided by colleagues at the plastic surgery unit at Odstock in Salisbury. We also hold dedicated combined oncoplastic clinics at the Princess Anne Hospital with visiting plastic surgeons from Salisbury to support this. 

As well as breast reconstruction discussions in clinic, and the written information we provide, you can read more about the full range of breast reconstruction optoins available to you at the links below:

We also have local information leaflets about the procedures offered at the Princess Anne Hospital, including breast implant based reconstructions and Lattissimus Dorsi reconstructions. We ask you to read the relevant one before having your procedure as part of the consent process. However, you may find all of them useful to read in choosing the type of reconstruction you would prefer. 

It is important to remember that breast reconstruction is only an option and that it might not be right for you. You may prefer to use an external prosthesis placed in the bra, and the breast care nurses will help you with this (see Breast Prosthesis Fitting Clinics) as well as the links below:

Even if you initially choose no reconstruction, but later change your mind, you are fully entitled to re-discuss options for a delayed reconstruction at a later date.